About Us

Welcome to Cohiba Atmosphere Kuala Lumpur, a worldwide celebrated brand under Corporacion Habanos S.A., known for its premium concept and sophisticated ambience, offering a luxurious experience for cigars enthusiasts. Being the one-and-only outlet in Malaysia amongst the 15 Cohiba Atmosphere around the world, Cohiba Atmosphere Kuala Lumpur offers the finest selections of Cuban cigars along with the pairing of premium beverages.

Cohiba Atmosphere Kuala Lumpur is strategically located in Petaling Jaya, a prestigious and vibrant township in the heart of Greater Kuala Lumpur. The magnificent blend of contemporary and classic design concept of Cohiba Atmosphere Kuala Lumpur offers a relaxing ambience befitting both business and personal occasions.

What’s more, Cohiba Atmosphere Kuala Lumpur is the largest Cigar Lounge in Malaysia, occupying a 3-storey-high building with more than an 80-seating capacity and lavishly furnished with four elegantly-designed private rooms. From detailing of interior setting to a wide product and service range, Cohiba Atmosphere Kuala Lumpur ensures that the highest standards are met, aiming to provide all Cuban cigar aficionados with an exceptionally indulgent experience.